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Yes, excellent service! My experience with this seller has always been pleasant. The staff has been outstanding. They have been quick to respond to all my questions and concerns. I have no complaints about their service. The price is well worth it. The doll is very beautiful and very realistic. It is very soft to the touch! I especially like the full body heating system! It makes the doll warmer, more realistic, and a little fun for the winter months. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, it is legitimate. Excellent service! The friendliest and most professional staff I have ever dealt with. It did not take long from order to receipt. Delivery was on time. Items were as expected. All in all, I am in love with them and this seller. Great service, helpful and friendly team members, excellent product selection, and just an overall great experience. If you want a sex doll, buy it here. You won’t be disappointed. Peace!

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Yes, it’s safe to purchase dolls at this site. The dolls are exactly as promised. The details are amazing, they look very realistic, especially in the little things like the legs, belly, feet, etc. As far as sex goes, I have no complaints, I highly recommend the full body warm up and it surprised me how good it felt. Overall, this is something that all companies, no matter what the product, should strive to do. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it here.

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Yes, very impressive service. I received all the information (and photos) I needed to make a decision, I got updates on what they were doing, and I received advice on how to ensure the doll’s longevity. I always received a very quick response, knew exactly what was going on, and was kept informed. I’m very satisfied that the doll I received is perfect! I love everything about it. I love everything about it!